Recover Delete Files

Undelete Files from Android

We all know that in today’s world, most of the Smartphones and tablets run on Android operating system, developed by Handset Alliance led by Google. Smartphones and tablets produced by Samsung, HTC, Sony, Motorola, Micromax, LG and others run on Android platform. However, with the wide increase in the use of Android devices, data loss from Android has become a critical issue. Data loss disaster can strike at any instant of time either due to human errors or technical errors while using the device. In most of the cases, users unintentionally delete their files while erasing useless files from Android to free its storage space. Usually when you have greater numbers of unwanted files to be deleted, there are more chances of you selecting and erasing important files along with them by mistake.

Accidentally deleting vital files from your Android is frustrating, particularly if the accidental deletion involves important files, application databases, multimedia content, etc. You also lack the backup of deleted files, so how do get back deleted Android files? If you are very upset with this data loss incident, then relax. Exciting news is that losing precious files from Android Smartphones and tablets by accidental deletion is not a permanent loss of files. It takes little patience and time to restore deleted files from Android. Because there are many tools available online to help you to resolve your problem. Among which you can opt for undelete file software, which is reviewed, trusted and used by lot of users across the globe. This tool is easy to use and yields successful recovery results unless and until deleted files are not overwritten with new file content on Android memory. Moreover, undelete file perfect software, if you are in search of how to recover deleted pictures from SD card on cell phone on Windows OS, for more information read here.

Valuable tips:

  • After deleting files from Android tablet or Smartphone, you should avoid saving files or taking new pictures or videos.
  • Do not update software, reset Android phone to its factory settings and download anything on to the phone memory.
  • If your memory card is corrupted and you are planning to format/reformat it for preparing it for saving new data, then hold on it till you recover files from corrupted memory card using undelete file software and then go for formatting it.
  • Before deleting files from Android check twice to ensure that you are deleting essential files and always try to keep a backup copy of your files saved on Android on some other storage drive.

If you do not follow the above tips, you may later have to end up losing your Android files forever. As further read/write operations on Android device, may start to overwrite the deleted file content on memory with new data leading to permanent loss of files from Android. If you don’t want to face data loss, then immediately stop using your Android device after data loss and go ahead to download and install the demo version of undelete file software on your Windows computer. Then connect Android Smartphone or tablet as an external drive and perform a few simple and quick steps to retrieve deleted files. Later you can see all recovered files on its user interface and can preview required file before saving them onto desired location.

Normally files from Android get deletes under any of the below listed causes:

  • Usually Delete option provided on Android Smartphones can lead o loss of files from memory card, in case if you have accidentally clicked on Delete option while previewing files.
  • When you connect your Android Smartphone or tablet to computer for file transfer/access, you may delete vital files from the Android rather than some other files or folders.
  • Sometimes you may erase files from Androi d by unintentionally formatting memory card on Android by hitting on Format option rather than some other option.
  • In addition, antivirus scanning Android memory card may delete important files if it fails to fix the corruption in them.

Why to use undelete file software?

If you are the one who have deleted files due to above causes, then you don’t have manual way to recover deleted files. So don’t look further, you need to take the help of professional tool like undelete file software to complete deleted file recovery from Android. Undelete files utility comes handy user interface that will let you restore deleted Android files on your own without opting for experts’ service. This tool identifies and retrieves deleted files by using their unique file signatures. It supports deleted file recovery from various Smartphones and tablets released by the well known manufacturers across the world i.e. Samsung, HTC, Google, Motorola, Micromax, LG, etc on Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 2003 and 2008 operating systems.

In addition, you will be able to retrieve deleted photo files including JPEG, JPG, PNG, GIF, TIFF, TIF, BMP and PSD from Android, for more It also got the ability to get back RAW image formats such as CR2, CRW, NEF, ARW, SR2, ORF, KDC, RAF, DNG, PEF, etc from modern digital cameras. It is possible to recover lost files when card on Android gets corrupted or becomes inaccessible due to number of causes. With the aid of this tool, you can do file recovery from Memory Stick, MMC, XD card, CF card, SD card to recoup deleted pictures, videos and music files.

Steps to undelete files from Android are:

Step 1: Download and install the demo version fo undelete file software for Android on your Windows PC. Attach your Android device to the PC via USB cable. Run the software and follow the main screen instructions. You will find two options from the main screen "Recover Deleted Files" and "Recover Lost Files". Choose any one of the option based on your requirement as shown in Fig ure 1.

Recover Deleted Files Android - Recover Deleted Files - Main screen

Figure 1: Select Recover Deleted Files

Step 2: Select the Android Smartphone or tablet from which files need to be recovered and click "Next" to proceed to next screen as shown in Figure 2. In the next screen select the type of the file which you intend to recover and click "Next" to start recovery process.

Recover Deleted Files Android - Select Drive

Figuere 2: Select Drive from List

Step 3: Software starts scanning the Android device to locate and restore deleted files based on their file extensions. You can preview the progress of the recovery process as shown in Figure 3.

Recover Deleted Files Android - Scanning Preview

Figure 3: File Recovery Progress

Step 4: After the completion of recovery process this application provides the preview of recovered file as shown in Figure 4. Select the required file to preview and save to secured location.

Recover Deleted Files Android - Preview File

Figure 4: File Recovery Progress