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Get Back Deleted Word Documents

Have you come to an unfortunate realization that important Word documents got deleted from your storage device? Are you looking forward to retrieve deleted Word documents? If these questions are relevant to your problem then this article will surely provide you with the ultimate solution to get back your deleted files. It just takes moment of carelessness or bad luck to delete your important data. Microsoft Word is the most important data as it is more frequently used to prepare presentations, business reports, project documentation etc. Deleting such important documents means losing your hours even weeks of hard work. In such situations you must have blamed yourself for not taking the backup of those important files. You must be pondering over the common belief that deleted files are permanently gone forever and there is no other way to get back those deleted files. But this is absolutely wrong!! You can quickly get back deleted files from any storage device with the help of file recovery application explicitly designed for this purpose, to know more about this But let me make this very clear to you that deleted file recovery is possible until and unless the space occupied by the deleted files are not overwritten with new data. So the moment you realize that important files are deleted from your storage device, stop saving or copying new data on to the affected drive to increase the chances of file recovery.

Word documents get deleted from any storage device mainly due to human blunders. Usually every user tends to delete unimportant files from storage device to avail space for storing the new files. But sometimes it may happen that while clearing unwanted documents, you may end up in accidentally deleting important documents along with the unimportant ones. The moment you notice that important documents are deleted from your hard drive the first thing that you have to do is have a check in the Recycle Bin. Because Recycle bin is a temporary storage space for the files deleted from hard drive. It gives second chance for the users to restore deleted file. If the deleted file which you intend to restore resides in Recycle Bin then just use “Restore” option and get back deleted files from PC Recycle Bin. If you are not able to find the deleted document in Recycle Bin then it just means that you have hard deleted the document.

In this context if you have deleted the document using Shift + Del key combination or Windows DOS Command prompt commands, then it will not be transferred to Recycle Bin instead bypass the Recycle Bin. The files that bypass the Recycle Bin cannot be recovered manually. One more scenario responsible for deletion of files is usage of spurious third party applications such as anti-virus program. While performing anti-virus check for the viruses if the program notices that the Word document is severely infected by virus, it just deletes the document without user’s knowledge or permission.

Formatting the storage device to get rid of viruses or to sort out some corruption issues may result in deletion of all the files from the storage device along with precious Word documents. So it is always advised to back up precious files before performing any major operations on your storage device. Even though if you haven’t backed up important files, don’t worry!! As deleted file recovery is always possible with the help of this tool extremely designed for this purpose. The powerful algorithms shipped in the software has the ability to scan each and every sector of the affected drive and scoop out all the files that lie too deep out of manual recovery. It can recover up to 300 different file types based on unique file signatures and allows you to add or edit the signatures to the non listed files. You can retrieve files from memory stick, flash memory card, USB drive, external hard drive, Fire wire drive with extreme simple steps. The easy-to-use interface of the software allows any amateur user to get back the files without facing any complications.

This outstanding application has the ability to restore deleted photos shot on popular digital cameras, phones etc. It supports all types of image files like JPEG, JPG, GIF, PNG, GIF and also RAW images. For more info on how to recover pictures, visit here

It supports deleted or lost file recovery from FAT16, FAT32, NTFS5, NTFS5 and EXFAT partitions or volumes. With the help of this tool, you can easily recover deleted files from Windows 7 and other versions of Windows operating system as well as Mac computer. This tool is made available in trial version for the benefit of users. Use the trial version of the software to evaluate the chances of file recovery. If you are happy with the trial version results, just go ahead and buy the complete version of the software and save the files on to some trust worthy device of your choice.

Steps to recover deleted Word files:

1. Download and launch the application on your computer. After launching the application you have to select "Recover Files" option from the main screen. Then choose "Recover Deleted Files" option from next screen.

Undelete Word Documents - Select Recover Files

Fig 1: Select Recover Files

2. Now select the drive from which files are to be recovered and click on "Next" option to start recovery process.

Undelete Word Documents - Select drive

Fig 2: Select Drive

3. As soon as the recovery process gets completed list of recovered Word files will be displayed. You can use "Preview" option to see recovered Word files and save the files after purchasing the complete version of the software.

Undelete Word Documents - List of Recovered Files

Fig 3: Recovered Files

For Leopard (10.5) and
Snow Leopard (10.6) Users

For Lion (10.7), Mountain Lion (10.8),
Mavericks and Yosemite (10.10) Users